Unite for Common Good (UCG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Denver, CO, formed for the purpose of promoting the ethical character development of children and youth.  Epic Ethics is a program offered through UCG, providing literacy-based curriculum for elementary school children based on a simple and time-honored ethical framework.  



The Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative delivers principle-based ethics education, and reinforces the value of ethical business and personal conduct. Each of the Ethics Initiative's eight programs, including the Elementary School Program (aka Epic Ethics), utilizes a specific approach to reach its target audience. Funding for Ethics Initiative programs is provided through the Daniels Fund Grants Program.

The Daniels Fund is a private charitable foundation dedicated to making life better for the people of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming through its grants program, scholarship program and ethics initiative. Daniels Fund continues the legacy of generosity established by its founder, Bill Daniels, a cable television pioneer known for his compassion for those in need and his unwavering commitment to ethics and integrity. Learn more at DanielsFund.org.


The purpose of Epic Ethics for Peaceful Schools is to promote ethical character formation and social-emotional learning in children and youth. The vision is a world in which all children develop social skills and character habits to live well and work toward a safe, respectful and compassionate world.

To fulfill this purpose and vision, Epic Ethics for Peaceful Schools supports elementary schools with a literacy-based curriculum that teaches skills of self-awareness, self-management, empathetic relationship formation, and habits of ethical decision-making based on a simple, comprehensive, and time-honored ethical framework. 



Carole Baumbusch

President and CEO

Carole Baumbusch is a retired corporate executive and engineer with experience in high tech, financial services, and aerospace engineering. Carole has led Epic Ethics for Peaceful Schools since 2014, from a concept, to a Rotary project, to a stand-alone nonprofit, and now a partner with The Daniels Fund. Carole is passionate about children, believing that they all deserve to be loved, treated kindly, and empowered to grow into their best selves.

Charissa Cruz

Executive Director

Charissa Cruz grew up in Lakewood, Colorado and attended her local university where her father was a professor for 25 years. She studied in Mexico, Brazil and Italy where she learned Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Her career was launched in New York City as a partner in two start-up businesses. She then joined Salomon Brothers where she helped grow the Latin American Equity trading desk and became VP of Sales and Trading. Her career took her to Hong Kong where she became Director of Sales and Trading of Asian Equities with Merrill Lynch and returned to New York to trade International Equities. She returned to Denver where she started a media business and continued her career in finance. She is very active in her community chairing various service organizations. She is passionate about providing shared learning experiences for children and believes Epic Ethics for Peaceful Schools creates a solid foundation for kids and community to thrive.


September 15 2019