Research and Evaluation

Epic Ethics is based on the most current research in the fields of ethics, social-emotional learning, and education.  The curriculum is designed around essential learning outcomes identified through this research to ensure that it is effective in classrooms.  

In addition, online program evaluations are collected annually.  The results of these evaluations are overwhelmingly positive with teachers reporting positive improvement in student behavior, strong desire to continue the program, and willingness to recommend the program to other schools and teachers. The teachers also provide helpful suggestions for program improvement.


Alignment with the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative

Epic Ethics’ curriculum is based on four guiding principles written in simple language that children understand. Together these principles establish a simple yet comprehensive ethical framework for guiding one’s thinking, decisions, and conduct.  Note that these Four Awesome Questions correlate with the eight ethical principles advanced by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative and are age appropriate for building these more advanced values.



maintain open and truthful communication


act with honesty in all situations



engage in fair competition and create equitable and just relationships

Rule of Law:

comply with the spirit and intent of laws and regulations



build trust in all stakeholder relationships


accept responsibility for all decisions



create long-term value for all relevant stakeholders


honor the rights, freedoms, views, and property of others

Support of CASEL’s 5 Core SEL Competencies:

Epic Ethics espouses the same five interrelated sets of cognitive, affective, and behavioral competencies promoted by CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning): self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

Sucess Stories

“We LOVE PSP ... it is the only tool we have for teaching our kids values.”

“This is a great program! The kids are so engaged, and they reference the things they learn and
the books they read, which is how I know the program is having an impact.”

“This program replaces our ‘anti-bullying’ program which teaches our students how to bully.”

“I love the interaction between the kids and the high schoolers. For our kids to hear about
character and doing the right thing from older students is very powerful.”

“I learned that if you bully other people you won’t have any friends.”

“You should treat other people the way you want to be treated.”

“I learned that teamwork can accomplish more than just one person can.”

“I love making a difference for the children by teaching them lessons that will stay with them
throughout their life.”

“The Peaceful Schools Program is amazing! I love reading to the kids, and the program has
taught me a lot, too!”

“I want to thank you for allowing me to lead the Peaceful Schools Program… I’m adamant that
the lessons we taught to be the kindest and best versions of themselves will make a big
difference; these lessons contribute to “the little voice” in our head we all search for when
making decisions throughout life.”