Rotary Sponsorship

As Epic Ethics continues to grow, we are expanding the ways we can grow together.

Founded in Rotary . . . Flying with Rotary!

In 2014, a handful of inspired Rotary volunteers in Denver worked with local elementary teachers and Peter Yarrow to launch a modest but powerful social and emotional learning and literacy program designed to teach the Rotary Four Way Test. Today, the curriculum and learning tools are used in hundreds of schools in countries all over the world.

How can clubs help?

Financial sponsorship allows Epic Ethics to build and maintain learning tools and course work.

Contributions can be in any amount.

Sponsor Ethics Workshops at a local school.

If a club has a relationship with a local elementary or preschool, they can choose to sponsor the school. The Epic Ethics team will help train club volunteers to administer a schedule of Ethics Workshops at their Sponsor School. Volunteers can be club members, Roteract or Interact members. These workshops are a powerful way to achieve cross-generational learning.