Winston K. Walker: adventurer  mountaineer  environmentalist

Sometimes, just the act of sharing our joy can build an entire community. Winston K. Walker is an example of a sort of Tesla-esque invention of perpetual inspiration.

Winston, an electrical engineer, relocated with his family from Illinois to Colorado in 1989. Through his infatuation with the mountains, addictive curiosity, quest for adventure and unending kindness his regular hikes grew a community of outdoor enthusiasts. But that was only the beginning.

What began as a pastime turned into a movement. Winston was urged by friends to organize his excursions to expose urban youth and community to the wild. This began a partnership with the James P. Beckwourth Mountain Club, named in honor of the exceptional life and adventures of the mountaineer, scout, pioneer, and chief of the Crow Nation of Indigenous Americans. Walker’s intentions were to inspire people of all backgrounds to explore nature and develop an ethical awareness for the wilderness. Winston grew the club to more than 250 members and received an award for Stewards of the Environment in 2005. Winston’s gentle leadership, inclusiveness and personal discipline continue to fuel a welcoming campfire of community and discovery.