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Epic Ethics offers a suite of training videos for teachers initiating the curriculum as well as Professional Development  modules for continuing education hours.


Epic Ethic's Social and Emotional Learning tools are used in countries all over the world.   

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The Power of Four Awesome Questions

Check Your Ethics!

Before you speak or act, first ask…

Is it true?
Is it fair?
Will it build community and better friendships?
Will it be helpful to those involved?

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"Epic Ethics teaches me how to help my friends and build peace."
1st Grade Student
"My students use the Four Awesome Questions when discussing behavior, conflict, and friendship skills"
Jan S., Elementary School Teacher
"Our [High School] kids modeled depth of thought, character, and ethics as they led younger students in their reading and exploration of the text selections. These moments of shared experience created rich, authentic opportunities for mentorship and leadership for our kids"
High School Teacher​
"Epic Ethics for Peaceful Schools Program helps kids as well as me consider our individual impact in our community and the world."
High School Student Volunteer

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